Customize & Repair


Animus blades, being handmade are customizable and can be personalized, in terms of weight, handle type etc. However, for such personalization, one needs to pre-order a blade and communicate with us for the customization or personalization needed. Also, such blades take longer to deliver as they are freshly made in Italy specifically on order and we need time for it to be produced and delivered in India. But yes, it is possible and many buyers have already bought such blades from us. Sauer and Troger rubbers or other items sold on this website cannot be customized and have to be bought in its standard version.


We also repair damaged blades. However, for that, you need to contact us with the request with the pictures of the blade that needs to be repaired. We shall study the same and send you on estimate. You need to send the blade at your cost to us for this. Once repaired to your satisfaction, we shall
send it back to you at our cost. We shall not be liable for any damages in case the blade suffers additional damage while repairing, or it does not turn out the way you would have imagined.

Restoring the Tibhar Balsa Fibretech 75

The edges were chipped off and general restoration

Restoring the Butterfly viscaria

The rubber was fused to the blade and the edges were chipped

The Animus Invictus Blade

Create one of our best selling bats with us –
The Animus Invictus Blade with Xiom Omega Pro 7 Rubbers

Personalize your BATS


Yes, we can assemble and send the bat to you after you have placed the ordervfor at least one blade and two rubbers. Please inbox us the exact manner in which you want the gluing to be done. The delivery period however changes in that case by 1-2 business days.

With pleasure! Please inbox us what you are looking for and we shall share our inputs on the same. We want you to win with our products.

Click on the product you want, decide on its variant and simply buy it at Amazon or Flipkart. Or simply share the items, contact information, and  we will get in touch with you .

We are the authorized dealers for Animus Blades and Souer & Troger rubber however, feel free to write to the manufacturers’. The email are mentioned on respective website mentioning the serial number of the product for confirmation of its genuineness. Feel free and we will be able to assist you in this. Your satisfaction is our pleasure