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Edge Tape 11mm

Brand : Sauer & Troger
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Product Specifications
Width: 11 mm
Length: 5 Meter
Colours: Black, White, Orange

Edgetape 11 mm

The original edge band from Sauer & Tröger protects your valuable table tennis blade from edge hits.
We have kept the tape simple and sporty so that it matches the colour of your table tennis racket.
Due to the width of 11 mm it fits perfectly on a standard blade with a thickness of approx. 0.5 cm and 2 offensive rubbers. It can also be used on thicker balsa blade such as Kasalla. Then you should have a thin pimple on the backhand or forehand.
If you play a standard blade with a pimple on the forehand or backhand we recommend our edge tape for pimples players with a thickness of 8 mm