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Sauer & Troger Easy P Long Pimple

Brand : Sauer & Troger
Seller SKU Id : Easy P

Product Specifications
Long Pimple
Red & Black
1.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.8 mm, 2.1 mm

Playing Style All
Sponge Hardness Medium

Disruption Effect

“You can cut topspin early over the table. Partially already in the ascent of the ball. The pure “”stalling”” is possible in a very controlled way. Here the opponent is disturbed with an exact placement in the game flow. A further speciality is the pressure pushing on empty balls and undercut. Due to the high cut insensitivity of the Easy P, the pressure shot can be used very effectively and successfully. The Easy P offers the optimal entry especially for pimple beginners. You have maximum control and develop a good playing feeling for the pimple. The speed and rotation of your opponent is eliminated. This makes the ball pleasantly easy to play back. The good control allows you to focus on a good playing technique. All in all a very controlled long pimple, which is ideal for beginners and technically experienced players.”