Sauer & Troger Hell Fire LP Long Pimples

Brand : Sauer & Troger
Seller SKU Id : Hellfire LP

Product Specifications
Long Pimple
Red & Black
OX, 0.9mm

Playing Style Def+
Sponge Hardness Medium

Disruption Effect

With the Hellfire, it has been possible for the first time since the ban on smooth pimples, to achieve a new
rubber compound and a unique pimple geometry to produce a dangerous surface that still has a moderate speed. Previous long pimple rubbers could only offer one of these characteristics. The low speed allows you to control passive blockballs close to the table. Topspins can be tapped and balls with a lot of cuts succeed easily. Even on offensive shots, the rubber is very resistant to cuts. This makes fast and placed balls easier to play.