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Sauer & Troger Schmerz LP Long Pimples

Brand : Sauer & Troger
Seller SKU Id : Schmerz LP

Product Specifications
Long Pimple
Red & Black
OX, 0.5mm

Playing Style All
Sponge Hardness Medium

Disruption Effect

The Schmerz is a real wall in the defensive game. The blocking and cutting off at the table works perfectly. It produces a good amount of cut and is far superior to other surfaces in terms of disruptive effects.
In attacking play, the topspin with spin is a real secret weapon. This is only possible due to the soft upper rubber. This gives the rubber maximum flexibility for a wide variety of strokes. Also try the version with the ultra-thin 0.5 mm sponge. The special sponge cushions hard attack blows and still offers enough dynamics for annoying attack blows. Flexible long pimple rubber that can also be used perfectly for attacks due to its good control. Particularly in attack, hardly anyone can outdo the Schmerz.