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Sauer & Troger Secret Flow Chop Inverted

Brand : Sauer & Troger
Seller SKU Id : Secret Flow Chop

Product Specifications
Red & Black
1.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.8 mm, 2.1 mm

Playing Style All
Sponge Hardness Medium

Disruption Effect

The Secret Flow Chop was developed with a coating that combines maximum spin and game control. Despite the highest spin values, the ball should get where it’s supposed to go. The topspin, especially on undercut, achieves maximum spin and is therefore very dangerous for the opponent. Pushing, shots and racy defensive balls are thanks to the high control problem-free and very placed possible. The surface is particularly well suited
when changing from defensive to offensive play. The rubber forgives many inaccuracies that can occur during a fastball change. We developed the Secret Flow Chop in coordination with a long pimple on the backhand and thus created a tailor-made offensive surface for the pimple player.