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Sauer & Troger Zargus SP Short Pimple

Brand : Sauer & Troger
Seller SKU Id : Zargus SP

Product Specifications
Short Pimples
Red & Black
1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm

Playing Style  All
Sponge Hardness Medium+

Disruption Effect

In defensive play, the short pimple is an absolute power.
Whether on topspins with a lot of rotation or on fast strokes, the Zargus ensures maximum control and has a high interference potential. The special pimple structure contributes to this. The grippy surface develops a lot of rotation for a short pimple, both with the push and with the topspin on undercut. The strength of the rubber is the disruptive effect. Due to the special arrangement and width of the pimples, the Zargus leaves the opponent uncertain about spin and speed. Only in the last moment it becomes clear where the ball flies to and how much rotation the ball has. Until then, however, it is too late for your opponent.Use this unique advantage! Its wide short pimples ensure a constant balance when switching
between active and passive shots. It will be easy for you to place the ball precisely.